My Story

Welcome to Distortion Pedal HQ! My name is Wes Parrish and I‘d love to share with you who I am and why I made this site.

In short, as a guitarist of over 26 years, I’m a deep pedal lover (is that a confession?). With my influences in alternative music, punk, new wave and metal, I have sought to find my tone in a sea of product choices.

Choices that are sometimes affordable, sometime an investment, and sometimes the wrong choice all together. So, to alleviate that, and fuel my passion for talking about pedals, I made this site to help my fellow rockers out.

I want to be here to help you find your special tone, whether you’re just beginning your sonic journey as a new musician, or as a seasoned one looking to make your sound stand out from a sea of clones.

Distortion Pedal HQ is here to solve your decision making process and getting you on your way to laying down those jams without having to read the entire internet or sift through sometimes truly nutty YouTube videos.

Well, actually, some of those YouTube videos are super awesome, no matter how low tech! 😉 I know I sounded exactly like this when I picked up my first guitar.

My Setup

I go through a lot of pedals in my quest for tone. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your opinion, I’m running my Fender “65 Deluxe Reverb through a Palmer PGA-04 ADIG-LB.

My signal this way as I live in an apartment, but the Palmer also gives my great control over the sound as I record directly into my DAW of choice, Cubase.

If you’d like to know more, you can read more about my set up here.

Why the site name? Are you just going to talk about distortion pedals?

I chose to focus on distortion and all things gritty because as a guitarist its where you start in the signal chain of your ultimate sound.

The grit can either come from just your amp as the sound breaks up through its tubes or solid state matrix, or with the addition of all the pedals and that we’ll cover on this site. Effects that will come before the shimmery and sweet landscapes or delays, reverbs, and chorus, etc.

It’s also where new guitarists are looking to first shape their sound so that they can express their sound, their statement, and their fire.

And to answer the second question, no, I’m also going to talk about Fuzz and Overdrive pedals! As well as some tips and tools to make you a better musician.

We’re also on facebook and I look forward to answering any questions you may have through our contact page.

Again, thanks for checking this site out. Now let’s get started!

Wes Parrish aka Captain Crunch.