Disclosure Statement

Distortion Pedal HQ exists to help you learn about the best Distortion/Overdrive/Fuzz effects pedals out there for guitar and music composition. I select tools and content that I believe is consistent with this purpose, whether written by me, by a guest author, or as a link to an external article or video.

Compensation Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, I have affiliate advertising relationships with several organizations, such as Amazon. I receive commission from affiliate partners when readers click, buy, print or shop their offers.

Effective November 13, 2014 I will include a disclosure statement on every post/article where the direct action spoken of, or direct link to the product is made, in which could generate possible compensation. I may use and not disclose affiliate links within posts when the action I suggest you take (i.e. – request a free sample, download music) does not directly produce compensation.

Commitment to Mission

You have my word that I will never, and I mean never, advertise or promote anything that is inconsistent with the purpose of Distortion Pedal HQ, even if I could make money doing it. I am contacted regularly and asked to promote all kinds of products and services that I decline because they do not serve you, the readers, or Distortion Pedal HQs’ genuine purpose of learning how to find your ultimate guitar tone.

So, if you find my DistortionPedalHQ.com valuable and learn more about the awesome guitar pedals I review here, pull the trigger, click a link and help a fellow musician out. It’s how I am compensated for my time and get to keep doing this. All of that said, I do my best to be upfront and cool about when I use affiliate links.