The best new guitar pedals and gear to find inspiring tone.

You ever have a dream of being in the worlds largest music store?

Well, that dream is a loud reality and it’s called The Winter NAMM Show 2015.

Where at every turn there is either a famous artist, an innovative equipment manufacturer, or avid musician playing their heart out…. all at the same time!!!

NAMM, itself, held twice a year (Winter in Anaheim CA, Summer in Nashville TN) is a pure smorgasbord of delight, connections, and cacophony.

Traveling the miles of isles, I sought out some of the finest pedal manufacturers and guitar gear makers on the earth at this time.

Here’s who I found and what’s new for 2015.

BTW: Every image on this page is huge. Be sure to click each one for the details.


Black Arts

Looks like it’s going to be an amazing year for this crew based in Chattanooga Tennessee.

They have a breakout collaboration with DOD (Digitech) called the Boneshaker (Distortion made for drop tuned heavy players) – and the hush hush rumor is that there are a few more collaborations of this magnitude to come. Stay tuned!

I fell in love with one of their current models. The Destroyer (Fuzz). It combines two of their past pedals, Oath and Ritual, into one beast to be controlled with just one knob. I’ve been told that it will wreck your speakers if you’re not careful with its power. Hence the name “Destroyer.” You’ve been warned!

Also rounding out their new offerings is the Witch Burner and Black Shadow

Big Ear NYC

Love these guys! Genuine lovers of tone doing it their way. All analog signal path pedals that pull the best tones from the history of stomp into stylish guitar pedals.

If you don’t know them yet – you should! Can you guess where they hail from?

What’s new is: ARTHUR (Phaser aka the King of Phase-A-Lot!), BEAN (Even Order Harmonic Overdrive – Inspired by Steve Albini), KENNETH (Compressor Boost), LITTLE KENNY (Clean Boost), BLACK BETTY (Single Knob Fuzz), Z-DELAY (analog signal digital delay), and ELLE (reverb).

EarthQuaker Devices

This cool collection of tone makers from Akron Ohio are hitting it way out of the park. In fact their new Park fuzz pedal is just that – a purebred winner of unique sonic delight.

The Fuzz Master General is a sickly sweet octave fuzz based off the vintage Ace Tone Fuzz Master FM-2. Get ready to salute!

Also new to the table are upgrades of the Sea Machine chorus pedal that comes with an “ocean” of control knobs. Ocean…. get it!

And the Hummingbird V3 repeat percussion tremolo with expression pedal input.


Yo Portland Oregon! These indie wonder-stars are on the up and up with four new releases. It’s really nice to see passion rewarded.

Zero Point is a wicked through-zero tape flanging that exactly recreates the effect of studio tape flanging. One switch for on, and one switch to both speed up and slow down the time shift of the effect. Pure authenticity.

Talisman is a 70’s inspired studio plate reverb, supposedly 479.99% smaller than the original plate reverbs of that era. How thoughtful!

Antichthon an indescribable fuzz/trem/chaos. I’ll have to take their word on it, because they did seem to be short on words trying to describe what it does! What I do know is that your guitars' volume knob setting will have a significant and interactive effect on what this mystery beast will put out.

And lastly the Valcoder a 60’s inspired tube driven tremolo. It’s been designed to add a bit of compression and tube amp grit to the signal.

Keeley Pedals

The man, the myth, the sonic reality – Mr Robert Keeley had a lot of new pedals going on at his booth.

A couple of the highlights are the Son of Fuzz Head: a JFET tube-amp simulator on the front end followed by a germanium transistor gain stage. This new rendition also includes an improved tone control and artwork by Calvin Schenkel (artist for Frank Zappa).

New to their fold is the Aurora, a super clean digital reverb with three settings, Hall, Room and Plate.

The Recino Delay, Mini Katana, and the Baby Dirt also made their debuts there.

TC Electronic

The Danes have expanded their innovative Tone Print series with a couple of new retro flavor guitar effects.

The Vicious Vibe (vibrato) is a 1:1 recreation of the legendary Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe and the Helix (phaser) is pure vintage swoosh in a box.


Two new pedals were unleashed at the Winter NAMM Show 2015. The Minifooger MF Flanger and MF Chorus – along with a nice future retro faceplate upgrade across the entire line.

Both their tone and design esthetic is very unique and we like it very much.

Winter NAMM Show 2015: Part 2

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