I told you there was more! So much sonic choice for this year.

There were more guitar effects manufacturers and gear than ever before. As I got lost in the sea of the new, below are a few of the choice finds I cam across from the Winter NAMM Show 2015.

BTW: Every image on this page is huge. Be sure to click each one for the details.

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Walrus Audio

Goodness gracious – these pedals are all delicious. Born in Oklahoma City, these beauties are designed with massive attention to detail and playability.

PHOENIX (15 connection clean power supply). VANGUARD (Dual Phaser with tons of tweak). BELLWETHER (Analog Delay with serious tone control and modulation). And the LUMINARY (4 octave generator with a sweet attack knob for swelling action).

Bogner Amplification

The custom sound team from Germany showcased three new guitar pedals – The Oxford Fuzz and Lyndhurst Compressor, both with fancy Rupert Neve audio transformers, and a new “amp in a box,” the La Grange Overdrive / Distortion.

Check out that sexy Mephisto Amp ta boot! It's actually two amplifiers in one.


Was nice to see these quality signal routing kings from Germany. I really enjoy their attention to detail. Found this interesting magnetic volume pedal that discards the use of a string connected to a potentiometer of another very popular volume pedal out there.

Animal Factory Amplification

Hand built, all the way from Bombay India, by Chief Sonic Deviant Aditya Nandwana. These Overdrive and Fuzz pedals are all fit into stunning acid etched metal boxes and pack massive punch. Unique and exotic at the same time.

Witness the glory that is Claustrophobia; a panicky, breathless fuzz with a foot or CV triggered feedback loop. Ozymandias; a drive pedal to rule all others, as a dual voiced, stackable overdrive. And Chemical Burn; a Vicious Octave-Up Fuzz, which is a sizzling take on the Superfuzz Circuit.

The LED lights on all these units are devilishly bright and tweaked to give you very unique “effect on” indicators.

Temple Audio

Hailing from Saskatchewan Canada, this crew has put together a serious contender in the custom pedalboard category. Each of these ultra-lightweight units can be outfitted with a number of options to suit your need. This includes LED lighting, main outs, USB power hubs, and more.

Option Knob, Inc.

This guitar pedal accessory line is very on point. Don’t want to bend down anymore to tweak your pedal settings, especially when your’re playing live? Well here you go.

There are a three controls to choose from.

OKnob – Effects Pedal Foot Controller: Manipulate your effects in real-time without having to take your hand away from your instrument or bend down.

GloKnobs – Glow in the Dark OKNOBS: Same as the OKNOB but with fantastic “luminescent” power!

VKnob – Electric Guitar Volume Controller: Has a notch for your pinky finger for volume control while strumming or picking.

One Control

Really enjoyed stumbling upon these ultra compact signal loopers and single function effects from Japan. True bypass with a ton of solutions for any pedalboard size.

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